Tito Masonry and Construction


Our Background

Starting in Portland Maine, Tito Masonry and Construction is a growing company that strives for excellence in the work that they do and their business skills. Being founded in 2004, our work has now expanded beyond just masonry, but focuses on general construction as well. 



Tito Drice

Tito Drice, the owner of this business has been here since the beginning. Starting from scratch, he has now created a successful business that continues to expand and develop. Not only has he been able to carry this business on his shoulders, but he has been able to collaborate with other small businesses and start up another business of his as well. A thriving business needs an owner who is willing to persevere, and an owner who perseveres through the many tasks and obstacles ahead of them will surely have a thriving business. As Tito Masonry and Construction continues to grow and develop, Tito him self continues to set these examples everyday for his employees and  to remind himself  what a thriving and successful business looks like. 




On The Job

Whether it be in the office, or on the job site, teamwork and communication is always key here at Tito Masonry and Construction.  Each job, and the work we do is a team effort, and requires perseverance and hard work from all its members. From talking on the phone to clients, to simply talking to your peers on the job site, communication is the goal that everyone should be trying to achieve.